Trailer Trash: “Atomic Blonde”


Charlize Theron finally cashes in on the success of ¨Mad Max: Fury Road¨ taking on her next big action role in ¨Atomic Blonde¨. Instead of chopping it off, Theron bleaches her hair to transform into Lorraine Broughton, a sexually ambiguous James Bond/John Wick hybrid. Theron’s performance as Broughton gives a much needed revamping to the revenge-action genre with a female hero that’s not afraid to get her ass whooped. It seems as though we might finally get a more sophisticated movie featuring a femme fatale that surpasses the likes of the Kate Beckinsale type heroines. But Theron isn’t the only selling point. The trailer showcases its assortment of high-profile actors like John Goodman (“Kong: Skull Island” and “10 Cloverfield Lane”), James McAvoy (“Split”), and Sofia Boutella (“Kingsman: The Secret Service” and “The Mummy”).


The trailer opens with Theron in black lingerie taping a wire on herself and it only gets hotter from their. The entire trailer combines hand to hand combat with girl on girl action for an intense sensual experience. After watching this trailer I’ll be kicking and punching my way to the theatre!